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In order to stop climate change we have to do more than just reduce consumption, we have to actively work to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Here’s how we do it:

We pool everyone’s  contributions.

We work tirelessly to get people involved. Some can help financially, some can help though awareness. Then each month we take an assessment of available funds that come in from monthly brand and individual contributions. We take a portion of these to cover operating expenses, the rest gets put into an abatement fund.

We turn membership dollars into restoration.

Once we have enough in the abatement fund we buy land making sure it can’t be deforested, restore and conserve the land to remove CO2 from the air. We accelerate environmental restoration using a novel and proven method that can re-establishes a 10 year forest in only 3 years. It’s little more expensive, but we’re racing against time. 


Every month we update our community and brand partners on the progress we’re making, and how our contributions are making a difference. Members also get all sorts of perks, like social kudos, and discounts from our partner brands, all just  for being a part of our community. 


Who doesn’t have a few bucks per month to donate to climate change, AND they can track it – like see actual results.

Libby Tucker


Using our pooled resources, we’re setting off on a mission to buy land, mineral, sea, and air rights and convert them into private conservation areas. 

Nearly 5 billion acres of degraded and deforested land awaits restoration worldwide. Forests offset carbon, provide health benefits by removing air pollution, and offer areas for recreation and outdoor sports. Help us as we work towards conservation and reforestation. 

The Great Plains of the U.S. and Canada have lost a more significant proportion of intact grassland than the Brazilian Amazon has lost rainforest. What once was a bastion of biodiversity has been converted into farmland or used for grazing and pasture. Our goal is to reclaim this land and work to re-establish the North American Prairie. 

Peatlands store twice as much carbon as all the earth’s standing forests yet make up only 3% of the world’s land surface area. From a climate perspective, they are the most important terrestrial ecosystem but are under threat from human impact, deforestation, conversion to agriculture, peat mining, and infrastructure development.


What if the purchases you made contributed to fighting climate change?

Deforestation, overfishing, irresponsible tourism, single-use plastics, etc. are causing an environmental crisis the like of which we’ve never seen before. Less than 3% of donation funds worldwide focus on preserving the environment and fighting these issues. 

The earth is getting hotter; plastics are everywhere, reefs, species, and ecosystems are dying out at accelerated rates.

Sadly, the response from our politicians has been less than ideal, and  too many companies haven’t done enough to fight climate change due to a lack of innovation in carbon abatement models.

It’s time to do something, to take our future and our planet into our own hands, and stop climate change. 

We’re working with brands who want to do better, by offering their products to our community with discount. You buy things, money goes to stopping climate change.


It’s time we took charge


Get involved with Half Basis, offset your carbon footprint, buy partner products, get a paid half basis Membership. Every dollar that comes in brings us closer to restoring an acre of land to its natural beauty. 


To conserve and reestablish as much of our earth’s ecosystem as possible, invest in ecological research, and share both with all mankind.


We’re an open company. 

Transparency is at the heart of our organization. We want everyone who pledges to know where their money is going, and what impact it’s having.


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Ready for liftoff 🌱 the August update

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