Planning is close to complete for a soft launch of the platform; most of the fundamental attribution models are in place. It’s full steam ahead on marketing the project once Labor Day passes. 


After Labor Day, I’ll begin marketing Half Basis to a small beachhead community of ~1,000 people – mostly in New York and the surrounding areas. Out immediate goal is to get a better understanding of the product, what works, and what doesn’t in terms of compelling people to join the movement.

At this state, I think it important to understand what people want out our service, so I’d love your thoughts and ideas. Or if you think we’re ready for primetime, I’d love to hear that as well. 

Brand partnerships

We secured our first brand partnership! It’s with Free Your Tea, this is huge as it shows there is validation from the model on the brand side and is a win-win for everyone involved. Brands help invest in ecological conservation; members get discounts to partner goods and services.

Use code HALFBASIS, for 15% off your order, and we get 15% as well towards reforestation.

Project Goal and first Acquisition

Our first project will be in Panama. We chose this location due to the country’s political stability, ease of doing business, the price per hectare of land, and an already established network on the ground. 

We are looking for 1-25 hectares of land to buy – prices range from USD 10,000 to USD 90,000. Meaning we could hypothetically see between 5 – 20 trees planted per dollar invested, or 5 to 20 cents per tree. This is amazing, and by no means out of reach. Number based on this.


At the end of August, our Membership numbers were still small; we have less than ten paying members. Initial marketing efforts should provide a needed uptick in membership subscriptions. 

Getting the word out

Please consider sharing what we’re doing on your social channels. Every bit helps. If you know any businesses that you think would want to offset their CO2 footprint by partnering with us, please make an intro, or send the linked doc. If you know anyone who would write an article about what we’re doing, connect us. 

If you have questions, want to get in touch, or just say hi. You can email me directly at jace @ halfbasis [dot] com, and thank you for your contribution to this project. It means a lot. 



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